Updating ID when Applying Online

If the ID document that you have uploaded on to your IELTS registration does not satisfy the outlined requirements, this page can help you.

Please contact CES Exams Toronto at confirmation@ieltstoronto.com if there are three (3) days or less left until your IELTS test.

Please go through the checklist shown below and ensure that the following items are clearly visible on your uploaded ID document:
• ID document holder’s signature page
• ID document number
• ID expiry date (ID document must be valid on the date of the test)
• Image of yourself as seen on the ID document
• Your name as seen on the ID document
• Your date of birth
To change your details or upload a new ID document on your IELTS application, please follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1:
Go to IELTS Essentials and log into your IELTS account with your username and password.

ID Upload Login

Step 2:
Once you have logged into your account if you need to change any of your personal details (examples: your name, address or email) click “Update Details”.
If you need to update the copy of your ID document or ID document details, please select the relevant test under “My Bookings” and click “Details”.

ID Upload Login

Step 3:
Once you have clicked on the “Details” button under the relevant test date, select the “Application Details” tab located at the top of the page. This tab is labeled as number three (3).

ID Upload Login

Step 4:
On this page, scroll down to view your ID document information. Here you will be able to select your ID document type “Passport” or “National Identity Card” (select this option for Canadian Permanent Resident Card or Refugee Protection Claimant Document).

ID Upload Login

***DO NOT UPLOAD a driver’s license or personal photo. These will not be accepted.

Enter the ID document number and expiry date exactly as shown on your ID document.

Click Select Image to find and upload another copy of your ID document from your computer.

Common ID Errors

If you are unsure of the reason why the uploaded ID document does not meet our requirements, please review the list of common ID document errors found below:
• ID uploaded is something other than a valid Passport, Canadian Permanent Resident Card or a Refugee Protection Claimant document.
• ID uploaded is blurry or unclear.
• The passport/holder’s signature page is missing. This is normally found on the photo page but can also be found on the next page or the last page of the passport. Please include this page in your uploaded ID document even if it has not been signed.
• ID expiration extension page is missing.

If you have any further questions regarding your uploaded ID document, please forward your question to confirmation@ieltstoronto.com.