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CES Exams Toronto aims to provide you with the best possible location to take your IELTS test. With a convenient location, personable staff and a comfortable environment, we’re confident that you will choose CES Exams. Check out who and what we are!

Meet Our Staff

Michael Chau

Role: Exams Centre Manager
Duties: Overall operation and coordination of the IELTS test centre, business development, examiner management, privacy policy implementation, results control, social media coordination, test day administration and support
Languages: English
Contact mchau@ieltstoronto.com

Lynn Huynh

Role: Assistant Centre Manager
Duties: Test preparation, test day staff management, customer service, application processing, paper and computer test day supervision and support, business development
Languages: English
Contact lhuynh@ieltstoronto.com

Han Kiet Mach

Role: Testing Services Technician
Duties: Test day preparation, test day support, results production, technical support
Language: English, Cantonese, Mandarin

Alex Choi

Role: Candidate Support Specialist
Duties: Customer service, application processing
Language: English, Korean

Miki Kimura

Role: Candidate Support Specialist
Duties: Customer service, test day support
Language: English, Japanese

Nhat Vy Pham

Role: Candidate Support Specialist
Duties: Customer service, test day support
Language: English, Vietnamese

Student Testimonials

Take a read of what actual CES Exams candidates are saying about their test experience!

“I was impressed by the professionalism of the invigilator and staff.”
Candidate #3870

“The people here are all warmhearted and all the equipments (sic) are fine.”
Candidate #3832

“Everyone is friendly. It is great experience to me (sic).”
Candidate # 3940

“The staff were very useful!! And friendly. The lady in the drop-off section gives me a lot of confidence.”
Candidate # 3977

“I think it was very well organized, staff were great.”
Candidate # 3760

“I like everything, people here really nice (sic). Good Job everybody!”
Candidate #3791

“The day, in my opinion, was very beneficial because staff was organized, friendly and efficient.”
Candidate #3793

“I can say that GVT Exams doing a good job. I admiring the way the are accommodating the students. They are finishing everything on time.”
Candidate #3802

“I have to say that the area was very clean, and the examiners were very helpful. Everything is very well planned.”
Candidate #3883

“They provide really fast and good services. They are friendly and really make me feel comfortable.”
Candidate #4100