IELTS Writing Feedback

Having trouble preparing for your IELTS Writing test? Not sure how to practice, or where you need to improve? CES Exams Toronto can help! We offer a personalized IELTS Writing feedback service – our IELTS Experts will review your writing samples and provide a detailed report on how you can improve your Writing score.

What you do:

  1. Choose two questions from the list of example questions below. You may choose to answer any two questions:
    • Two Task 1 questions OR
    • Two Task 2 questions OR
    • One Task 1 question and one Task 2 question
  2. Write your responses in the body of an email. Please label each question with the question number (e.g. Question AC-T1-4).

  3. Send your email to feedback@ieltstoronto.com along with a scanned copy of the pdf Writing Feedback Credit Card Form for $40 (HST included).

What you get:

  1. Personalized (not template) feedback from our IELTS Experts. This is not a computer or automatic service. There is a real, qualified person reading your response and giving you feedback.

  2. A report tailored to you showing which specific factors would help you improve your IELTS Writing score.

Please Note: We will not give a band score (0-9). This is not an IELTS test and there is no way to verify the timings, resources used, or source of language. We will give you specific factors to consider using the public band score tables, but not a number.

To get the most out of this IELTS Writing feedback service, please do the following:

  1. Time yourself! If you’re writing a Task 1, try to do it in 20 minutes. Task 2 usually takes 40 minutes. Either use a watch, or use an online timer like these ones:
  2. Submit your writing samples early. It might take us a few days to review your sample and write your personalized response report. There is no limit to the number of feedback requests you make, but we ask that you do one set at a time, take in that feedback, then try again if you wish.

  3. Watch your word count! Make sure your Task 1 response is 150 words or more, and your Task 2 response is 250 words or more.

Example Questions:

Choose any two questions to answer from the following example questions:

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