Other Questions

Have a question or problem related to the IELTS test? Please see below for some common issues candidates encounter – click on the question to jump to the answer.

Passport Issues

> I do not have a (valid) passport. Can I still write the IELTS test?
> I must send my passport away for extension. What should I do?
> I have lost my passport / PR Card, what should I do?

Results Issues

> I have lost my results! Can I get a replacement copy?
> I sent my results to an institution, but they did not receive them.
> I wrote my test at another test centre. Can you help me send my results?

Other Issues

> I would like to cancel / transfer my test date.
> I arrived late and missed my test. Can I get a refund or test date transfer?
> My address has changed, how can I update my mailing address?
> I have lost my receipt, how can I get a new one?
> Why do you need to take my photo and fingerscan? What do you do with them?

No Passport/ID

If you do not have a valid passport or Canadian permanent resident card, you must have a passport issued BEFORE applying for the test.

Refugees may use their Canadian refugee claimant document as their test day ID.

If none of these identity documents are available to you, please contact our office for assistance.

Sending Passport Away

If you need to send your passport away for extensions, visa renewals, permits, or any other reasons, please do this AFTER the test day or BEFORE applying for the test. You will NOT be admitted to the test without your original and valid passport.

If, due to administrative delays, you do not have your passport on the test day, we cannot offer a refund or transfer, according to our policies.

Passport/PR Card Lost

It is NOT possible to write the IELTS test without presenting either an original and valid passport/Canadian PR card/refugee claimant document. NO exceptions can be made.

If you registered with your passport, but lost your passport before your test date, you may change your identification document to your Canadian PR card. To do so, please bring a photocopy of your Canadian PR card to our office before your test date, or you can send a scan to us at info@ieltstoronto.com. Please also include a note indicating your test date and explaining your situation.

If you registered with your Canadian PR card, but lost your PR card before your test date, you may change your test date identification document to your passport. To do so, please bring a photocopy of your passport to our office before your test date, or you can send a scan to us at info@ieltstoronto.com. Please also include a note indicating your test date and explaining your situation.

Lost Results – Personal

As of June 2017, IELTS policy allows for replacing personal Test Report Forms. If yours has been lost or damaged, we are able to replace it within 2 years of your test date. The TRF fee will apply. We can still send your results to any organizations authorized to receive IELTS results.

> See related information: Sending Results to Institutions – After Application

Lost Results – Institution

If you have requested that your results be sent to an institution, but the institution has not received your IELTS results, please contact our office and we can help. Keep in mind that there is no tracking information for results sent by regular post, and there are sometimes delays in postal delivery.

Test At Another Centre

If you have taken the IELTS test at a testing centre other than CA009 GVT Exams Inc, we are not able to access your results. You must make any requests at your original test centre.

Cancellation / Transfer

If you wish to request a refund or transfer of test date, the policy is the same for both – please see our Cancellation / Transfer Policies.

Late for Test

It is your responsibility to arrive at your test location on time. Test day registration begins at 7:45am and ends at 8:45am. In the reminder email sent to candidates about one week prior to their test date, candidates are asked to arrive at about 8:00am. Candidates arriving after 8:45am are considered late and will NOT be allowed into the test. Candidates who are late will not be permitted to take any of the test components, and will not be eligible for a refund or transfer.

Change of Address

If your mailing address changes after you have submitted your application form, you must provide the Test Centre with your updated mailing address in order to receive your results by post. On the day of your test, in the afternoon before your speaking test, you will have an opportunity to verify your mailing address. At this time, you may cross our your old address and write in your new address.

Replacement Receipt

If you have lost your receipt and need it to be reissued, please email us and tell us your full name, test date and location. We can issue a replacement receipt for you.

Photo & Fingerscan

Your photo and fingerscan will be captured as part of the IELTS identity verification process, either at registration or on the day of the test. All of your personal data is processed and stored securely, and used only for the purpose of the IELTS test.

For more information about your photo and fingerscan, please click here.