Test Information

Some important information about the IELTS test:

> IELTS Test Format
> Identity Document – Important Information
> Identity Verification – Photo, Signature & Finger-scan
> Test Fee & Payment Options
> Confirmation of Registration
> Coats, Bags & Valuables
> Items Allowed in Test Room

IELTS Test Format

There are two versions of the IELTS test to choose from – Academic and General Training.

The Academic IELTS test is for candidates wishing to study at undergraduate or postgraduate levels, and for those seeking professional registration.

The General Training IELTS test is for candidates wishing to migrate to an English-speaking country (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK) and for those wishing to train or study at below degree level.

Each organization that receives IELTS scores sets it own entry requirements. In some cases both versions of the IELTS test may be accepted. If you are in doubt as to which version to take, you should contact the organization you are applying to in order to check their requirements.

Both versions of the test cover all four language skills – listening, reading, writing and speaking. Everyone takes the same Listening and Speaking tests. There are different Reading and Writing tests for the Academic and General Training modules.

Test Centres in Canada offer only the paper-based IELTS test. Headphones are NOT used by Global Village Toronto Exams for the Listening test.

Identity Document- Important Information

For Canadian test centres, the National ID is the Canadian Permanent Resident (PR) Card only. Only passports (from any country), Canadian PR cards and Canadian refugee claimant documents are accepted as ID for the IELTS test. Canadian citizenship cards, driver’s licenses, health cards, or any non-Canadian form of National ID are NOT acceptable. Your passport/PR card/refugee claimant document must be valid at the time of your registration and on the day of your test.

You must bring your original and valid passport/PR card/refugee claimant document on your test day, without it you will not be permitted to write the test. The ID document you present on your test day must match the ID document submitted with your application form. Do not send your passport away for extension or any other purpose until after your test. If you do not have your original and valid passport/PR card/refugee claimant document with you on the day of your test, you will NOT be permitted to write the test and you will NOT be eligible for a test date transfer or refund.

Identity Verification – Photo, Signature & Finger-scan

By registering for the IELTS test, you consent to having your identity verified at test registration and/or on the test day. This will include:

  • having your photograph taken
  • providing a sample of your signature
  • having your finger-scan taken

Test Fee & Payment Options

The price of the IELTS test is $310 CDN (HST included). Registrations are accepted in person at GVT Exams (180 Bloor St West, 2nd floor) or by mail to the same address (full address at bottom of page). For more details about applying for the test, please see our Apply page.

At our office, payments are accepted by cash, Visa, Visa Debit and Mastercard.

Applying online, payment is accepted by Visa, Visa Debit and Mastercard. For Visa Debit, please select “credit card” as your method of payment.

Please note: We are not able to accept payment for IELTS test fees by debit/INTERAC at this time, both online and at our office. Our apologies for any inconvenience caused. We will update our website when this changes.

Confirmation of Registration

The IELTS Administrator will send confirmations by email approximately one (1) week before your assigned test date. Please ensure that the ieltstoronto.com domain is in your safe list so the confirmation will not go to your spam/junk mailbox. This confirmation email will include an attachment with details about your test including a test schedule and information about our policies. Please read this in full when you receive it.

Coats, Bags & Valuables

All of your personal belongings must be left outside the test room. There will be a coat room available for you to leave your coat and bag. ALL VALUABLES (including wallets, cell phones, keys) must be checked in with our staff – you will receive a number with which to retrieve your belongings once the test has finished. All electronics must be turned off. The Test Centre suggests that you leave your valuables at home rather than bring them to the Test Centre.

Items Allowed In Test Room

You must take your identity document into the test room, it should be placed on your desk. The only other item you are permitted to bring into the test room with you is water in a clear bottle. The bottle may not have any text on it; paper/plastic labels must be removed.

No other items are allowed into the test room. You may NOT bring your own writing utensils into the test room – a pencil will be provided for you by your invigilator. Jackets, hats, and scarves may NOT be taken into the test room unless worn for religious purposes.

If there is an item you must have at your desk with you for medical reasons (e.g. asthma inhaler, magnifying glass), please make note of this on page 2 of your application form, question #22. Supporting medical evidence must also be submitted with your application form.